Zitat des Tages

Zwei Dinge sind zu unserer Arbeit nötig: Unermüdliche Ausdauer und die Bereitschaft, etwas, in das man viel Zeit und Arbeit gesteckt hat, wieder wegzuwerfen.
Albert Einstein

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  1. senseinchaos sagt:

    ß?Es bleibt zwischen Menschen, sie seien noch so eng verbunden, immer ein Abgrund offen, den nur die Liebe,
    und auch nur mit einem Notsteg, überbrücken kann.ß?

    Hermann Hesse

    …und Lied mit Text…

    RKL – Betrayed


    Feelings of rejection, no false hopes or misconception,
    Just a burning in my head and in my heart.
    Promises were made, friendship lost along the way,
    A twisted path of lies, deception from the start.
    The future lay in your hands with talk of stardom, all your plans,
    We had our dreams, high hopes, we trusted you.
    But the decisions that you made,
    And the staring role you played.
    Quickly made us realize what we must do.
    And I gave my trust to you,
    Got stabbed in the back and left for dead,
    Why’d you do the things you do?
    With all the lies, deceit, wrong things got said.
    Never expected this of you,
    Should’ve known better than to do what I did,
    I was blind and you were shrewd.
    Had me eating from your hand like a naive little kid
    Laid down my guard wound up screwed!
    There comes a time in all our lives when quickly we must learn from our mistakes,
    Now trusting no one, guard held high,
    Second guessing all the chances that he takes.
    We all must learn to use the term my friend,
    To those deserving of the phrase.
    Avoiding the pain and all the rage from knowing
    That you’ve been Betrayed.
    Never again will I trust you,
    Left for dead knife buried in my back.
    I wish I would have knew,
    Your sneakiness, plan of attack.
    This is what you do.
    Lying, cheating, and all that crap,
    No chance for number two.
    With my guard held high and my wall built strong,
    Next time around I’ll screw you!
    There comes the time in all of our lives
    When quickly we must learn from our mistakes.
    Not knowing why we made them, just the outcome
    And the feelings they create.
    Whether it’s sadness, loss of trust, death, pain, forgiveness,
    love, joy, sex, happiness, or fate,
    It’s one of these, the biggest one, that I really hate
    It’s a feeling you get when a trust so deep,
    A trust between friends has been broken
    And you know you got played, it’s that feeling…
    You straight up been Betrayed!
    Straight up been Betrayed!
    There comes the time in every life
    When quickly we must learn from our mistakes.
    Now trusting no one
    Guard held high, second guessing
    All the chances that he takes…

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